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EM3 iOn
EM3 iOn overview
EM3 iOn includes everything non-technical business communicators need to run sophisticated, large-scale intranet, extranet, and Internet Web sites.

EM3 iOn features overview
EM3 iOn is the most comprehensive, ready-to-use Web content management software available. These features show you what's included out-of-box.

EM3 iOn system requirements and deployment planning
See how iOn can be deployed to meet the most demanding load requirements.

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iOn is software for communicators

EM3 iOn™ is powerful content management software that has all the features your company needs to run multiple large-scale, database-driven Internet, extranet, and intranet Web sites. iOn is not a software development platform - it's ready to use immediately. You won't spend precious time and money building the tools you need.

What's different about iOn
Here's what you get when you deploy iOn from EM3.

  1. You get all the power and functionality you need in one value-priced package. You don't get fancy programming tools that add cost and can't be used by the communicators on your team. iOn is complete, ready to handle all the publishing tasks your Web sites demand.

  2. It doesn't matter how fast you get software deployed if people have trouble using it once it's available. Our highly intuitive software is the one content management package your team will actually want to use. iOn's quick-to-master interface goes beyond the "easy-to-use" clichĂ© you read about everywhere.

  3. EM3 was created by people who once walked in your shoes. We built and managed Web sites for companies like Compaq, Cisco and HP, so we understand what's needed in a content management system. That's why we created iOn - we found nothing else on the market that could meet our needs.  

After all the industry buzzwords, here's the bottom line. iOn is rapidly adopted and embraced by your team, quickly bringing and maintaining productivity gains, cost savings and top line sales increases to your organization.

EM3 iOn product description
This product description provides key benefits, overview, high-level feature, and system requirements information.

EM3 iOn is easy for anyone to use
See how easy it is for non-techical content providers to update site content.

EM3 iOn weaves a useful Web
This white paper discusses best practices for structuring information to help your audience find what it needs.

Selecting the right content management system
Not all systems are created equal. This paper will help you determine the kind of system that's right for you.